We provide a comprehensive array of financial consulting services for businesses at every stage of their operations. Our offerings are founded on expert knowledge, extensive experience, and a commitment to ensuring the success of your business. We cater to small, medium, and large companies across diverse sectors.

Full Financial Analysis

If you need to gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape of your business and receive effective recommendations based on it, we offer expert financial analysis services for companies.

Regular Financial Analysis

We provide the preparation of regular financial statements for businesses, enabling you to make timely and effective decisions based on accurate data.

Financial Management

AFinWise will serve as the financial manager of your company, effectively overseeing business resources through expert knowledge and experience.

Relations with Banks and Investors

We will assist you in establishing simple and productive relationships with banks, financial institutions, and investors to attract the desired financial resources under favorable conditions.


Company Valuation

We will assist you in determining the market value of the company through qualified financial analysis and market data.

Business Plan

We offer the preparation of a business plan adapted to international standards (in Georgian and/or English), which will assist you in raising funds and achieving your business goals.

Market Research

We offer a detailed study of the market sector to support you gain a competitive advantage.

Participation in Grant Programs

We will assist you in selecting a grant program tailored to your business and guide you through the process of obtaining a grant.


We offer training based on practical knowledge and experience.

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We offer expert knowledge and experience of finance in various fields of the market.